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Typical Problems Your Facility Might Have

150 Amp breaker

They are all common to a three-phase, 150 amp breaker such as this:

Circuit Breaker



Unlike any other inspection company, our infrared electrical P.M. inspection utilizes a load-based temperature standard, derived from Ieee/ANSI standards in evaluating componet temperatures.

This standard gives the acceptable temperature rise of a componet for the load it’s carrying. This allows for greater accuracy in problem diagnoses than simply looking for hot spots and high temperatures.

As an example: Which breaker problem below is the most severe?

150 amp breaker 2



Need more information?

150 amp breaker 3



Each problem has a loose center-phase connection on its load side.

Using temperature alone, our competitors would rate these problem as follows:

150 amp breaker 4

Load readings, If taken at all, are only used as a rough correlation with temperature.



Did you pick problem “C” as the most serious?
Using our IEEE/ANSI based standards Pro-Line’s analysis is quite different!

150 amp breaker 5

The breaker above is the same breaker under variable loads!
Pro-Line’s IEEE/ANSI load based standard shows this component’s temperature rise
at about 240% of the maximum allowable rise, at any load current!

If your infrared testing company can’t accurately analyze component problems,
how can you rely on their results?

Stop repairing non-problems and/or missing potentially severe problems. Let us show you how!

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