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Solar Panel Inspection

Infrared Inspection of Solar Panels (Photovoltaic System)

Solar panel inspectionSolar power installations reduce environmental impacts from fossil fuel power generation due to their low air emission of pollutants and greenhouse gasses during operation. When photovoltaic systems (PV systems or Solar panels) operate at an optimal level, they are a great source of clean energy.

Over time, solar panels may develop defects, which can effect functionality and become a safety hazard. This can cause severe drops in energy production and may become a fire hazard if left unaddressed.

Solar Panel Inspection

A regular infrared inspection of your rooftop solar panel system is a safe and effective way to check for defects and potential fire hazards before they become a safety or production problem. Pro-Line Inspections, Inc. has identified three applications for conducting a non-invasive, non-destructive infrared inspection of solar panel systems.

1. Quality Assurance: Scanning the arrays during installation will show defects that may have occurred.

2. Preventative Maintenance: Scanning installed systems on a regular basis will allow for the identification of defective areas due to inclement weather, material defects, and/or maintenance upkeep.

3. Warranty Coverage: Most solar power installations come with a long term warranty of 10-30 years. Conducting an infrared inspection on a regular basis would allow for identification of defects and potential problem areas, still under warranty.

All applications include a report containing thermographic (infrared) and conventional photo documentation of the solar panel system. Any defects found are outlined and notated on an aerial view map (if applicable) as well as documented in a spreadsheet format.

At your request, Pro-Line Inspections can perform an infrared inspection of the electrical equipment associated with your solar panel installation (breakers, inverters, combiner boxes, etc.). Documentation will include; thermographic (infrared) and conventional photos, temperatures, a list of equipment inspected and analysis (where appropriate) in a PDF report. Photo documentation will be provided only for problems found.


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