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NFPA, Proline Inspections, & Electrical Predictive Maintenance

At Proline Inspections, one of our specialties is electrical preventative maintenance.

As experts in the field, we pay special attention to the information that other organizations and agencies in related fields share.

The NFPA and Electrical Predictive Maintenance

For example, the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), an International Codes and Standards Organization, outlines the importance of infrared inspections in its 70B Standard.

This standard is the “Recommended Practice for Electrical Equipment Maintenance”.

Concerning electrical maintenance, an excerpt from the document 70B states, “a well-administered Electrical Preventative Maintenance program will reduce accidents, save lives, and minimize costly break downs and unplanned shutdowns of production equipment.”

It further recommends that “routine infrared inspections of energized electrical systems should be performed annually prior to shut down. More frequent infrared inspections, for example, quarterly or semi-annually, should be performed where warranted by loss experience, installation of new electrical equipment, or changes in environmental, operational, or load conditions.”

In addition to the NFPA,many insurance companies now require an infrared inspection to be conducted on an annual basis, as part of a facilities’ preventative maintenance plan.

When you work with Proline Inspections, we ensure that you’ll receive the best information possible for electrical maintenance on your facility.

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