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Infrared Thermography Inspection

Rarely is a service offered that actually helps prevent losses to save businesses real money.

Infrared thermography is such a service.

Infrared Thermography

An infrared inspection increases the life-span of equipment, decreases the chance for fire loss, reduces energy costs and helps avoid business interruption in the form of production loss and/or downtime.

The electrical system in a plant or business is often taken for granted. While it is among the most reliable systems, it requires maintenance and inspections to ensure there is a continuous supply of power in a safe and efficient manner.

During an infrared inspection, we use equipment to locate the problems you cannot see with the naked eye. This equipment detects infrared energy (heat) emitted from an object and displays it as a dynamic thermal image, producing a variety of colors. Each color represents a discrete increment of temperature as noted by the temperature scale.

Pro-Line uses a nationally recognized standard in evaluating the severity of component problems found during the inspection.

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