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Building Envelope Heat Loss Inspection

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The exterior of a building is also called the “envelope”. The insulation, outer walls, ceiling, doors, windows, and floors all work together to control airflow in and out of the structure, repel moisture, and prevent heat from being lost or gained inside your facility.

The goal of the infrared building heat loss inspection is to reduce energy and repair costs, evaluate construction quality and building performance, enhance occupant comfort, health, and productivity, and improve the marketability of the properties. An infrared scan of the building envelope can help certify a building for LEED certification.

USGBCIn most buildings, the envelope is relied upon to absorb the energy difference between inside and out. This puts a lot of stress on the barrier materials within the envelope assembly to provide a variety of ways to respond to the changing external environment.

An envelope assembly is designed to a minimum tolerance and a failure in any one of the components within the assembly will significantly reduce the overall performance.

What is critically important is that to be successful, any envelope solution must integrate the performance of its different components to achieve the desired result.

The infrared building envelope heat loss inspection consists of scanning all accessible edifices and the roof at your facility. A base rate is given which includes:

a. Scanning all edifices, including the entire roof to locate areas with defective insulation.

b. All defective areas identified will be marked with spray paint.

The following options are available at an additional cost:

c. Test each roof anomaly with a moisture meter to verify and quantify subsurface moisture and document accordingly.

d. Draw all documented moist areas to scale on roof plan provided by the customer.


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