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Infrared Thermography Inspection

Rarely is a service offered that actually helps prevent losses to save businesses real money.

Infrared thermography is such a service.

Infrared Thermography

An infrared inspection increases the life-span of equipment, decreases the chance for fire loss, reduces energy costs …

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Load is the Key

Infrared thermography is a valuable condition assessment tool for electrical systems. However, the value of the technology is often short-circuited by infrared electrical inspections that do not give appropriate consideration to electrical load.

Most thermographers know that it is imperative …

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Qualitative Approach to IR Electrical Inspection

Qualitative infrared inspection of electrical components is the inspection to locate anomalies or “hotspots” without regard to electrical load. Although the qualitative approach can yield helpful electrical maintenance information, it does not provide the definition possible with a comprehensive quantitative …

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