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Leaders in Infrared & Ultrasound Inspection

Pro-Line Inspections is the major company on the West Coast specializing in infrared and ultrasound inspection services. Since our onset over 30 years ago, we have strived to provide the best service possible.

In 2000, we developed an advanced method of analyzing infrared problems using a load based temperature standard based on the IEEE/ANSI standards. This method greatly reduces the issues of false problem identification from larger loads and missed problems due to low loads.

The field technicians are very knowledgeable, not only in infrared survey theory, but also in electrical equipment. They strive to always provide accurate survey results in a safe and efficient manner.

The office staff actively solicits feedback from our customers to improve the report layout and content. Our goal is to provide an excellent survey and a report that is easily understood.

“Their technicians were instrumental in making our projects a total success, with accurate & professional reports, & providing all the necessary documentation in a prompt manner.” -Jack Lindsay, Project Manager, Langstaff Electric, Inc.

We provide a thorough inspection of all electrical switch-gear including:

  • True RMS load readings and harmonic distortion testing on all problem areas

Both true RMS and peak load readings are required to determine harmonic distortion problems. Harmonic are created by non-linear loads (those from PC computers, copiers, word processors, fax machines, etc.). that draw current in abrupt pulses rather than in a smooth sinusoidal manner. These pulses cause distorted current wave shapes, which in turn, cause harmonic currents to flow back into other parts of the power system. Some problems caused by harmonics are overheated transformer windings, overheated and burnt neutrals, and heavy voltage fluctuations.

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  • Use of IEEE/ANSI standards in evaluating component temperatures (see example by clicking here)
  • The use of infrared equipment having the finest visual and thermal resolution available

We provide the most complete report available including:

  • Color thermograms and conventional photos of all problem areas.
  • Problem severity ratings with causes and repair recommendations.