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Electrical Predictive Maintenance
Roof Moisture Survey
Building Envelope Heat Loss Inspection
Arc Flash Analysis, Short Circuit & Coordination Study
Solar Panel Inspection

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Electrical problems, you can’t see, could cost your company millions in damages and production losses.

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Pro-Line has been setting the standard for over 35 years and is known as an industry leader for the services we provide. Implementing an infrared inspection program will produce measurable cost savings. On average, for every $1 spent on a Pro-Line infrared electrical inspection, there is a $4 return on investment, as the Pro-Line technician will identify equipment problems allowing repair before costly failures.

Furthermore, because of reduced losses and increased productivity, which in turn increase revenue, the return on investment ratio in some cases is closer to 1:20 (2000, Cawlfield, Scott. Infrared Inspection Methods and Data Collection Techniques).

As always, our services include:

  • True RMS load readings and harmonic distortion testing on all problem areas.

  • The use of infrared equipment having the finest visual and thermal resolution available.

  • Experienced technicians who have a solid electrical background. Immediate response to emergency situations.

  • A preliminary report at the end of the inspection, before leaving the job site.
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An annual Infrared and Ultrasound Inspection reduces emergency maintenance costs by decreasing downtime and improving quality control and production.

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